MD, PhD Mauricio Sarrázola

Grupo de Investigación en Salud Respiratoria, Universidad de Pamplona, Pamplona, Colombia

About MD, PhD Mauricio Sarrázola

Dr. Mauricio Sarrazola is a clinical and immunology specialist at a private practice in Sarrazola
Allergy and Immunology IPS SAS, Colombia.

  • He completed his education in medicine at the Universidad Libre del Atlántico in 1989 and
    became an allergy specialist and clinical immunologist through his education at the
    Universidad Autónoma de México in 1997.
  • He has been president of the Asociación Colombiana de Alergia Asma e Inmunología, and a
    member of the Sociedad Española de alergia e Inmunología and the European Academy of
    Allergy and Clinical Inmunology.
  • His research interests include hereditary angioedema, aeroallergen immunotherapy, the
    impact of COVID-19 triggers on HAE, and Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria, which have been
    published in peer-reviewed journals

Talks and events

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October 18, 2023
1:45 pm
Mauricio Sarrázola
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