MD, PhD Liliana Bezrodnik


About MD, PhD Liliana Bezrodnik

Clinical Immunologist specializing in Pediatric Immunology.

Academic and Professional Trajectory

Head of the HNRG Immunology Working Group 2004-2017. CONICET and CABA Clinical Researcher.
She is currently Director of the CIC, Director of the Jeffrey Model Argentina Center. She has served as President of the Latin American Society of IDP, 2020-2021.
She completed her residency in pediatrics and was awarded a Training Scholarship in Immunology. He has 70 papers published in national and international journals and has given dissertations and presented scientific papers at 380 national and international conferences.

Talks and events

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October 18, 2023
12:00 pm
Liliana Bezrodnik
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October 20, 2023
12:30 pm
Antonio Condino Neto
Francisco Javier Espinosa Rosales
Liliana Bezrodnik
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