LASID Secretary 2024 Cast your vote now meet the candidates

LASID Secretary Candidates 2024​

LASID Secretary Candidates 2024

Find the information of LASID’s next period Secretary Candidates. The elections will take place during LASID Meeting 2023, and the results will disclosed on October 21st.

Cecilia Poli

Cecilia Poli

Dr. Cecilia Poli, is a pediatrician specialized in Immunology & Rheumatology in Chile and subsequently obtained a PhD in immunology at Baylor College of Medicine with Dr. Jordan Orange, where she focused on studying underlying genetic and molecular defects in PIDD patients and described POMP deficiency as a new form of autoinflammatory disorder. She has dedicated the last 15 years to the care of patients with PIDD and serving LASID in multiple roles. She is an advocate for healthcare equity in PIDD and has worked to improve access to treatment in Chile. She directs the Jeffrey Modell diagnosis and research in Santiago, directs the Translational Immunology Program at the Faculty of Medicine Clínica Alemana-Universidad del Desarrollo and is the chief of the Rheumatology and Immunology Unit at Roberto del Río Hospital in Santiago. She is part of the scientific and head of the educational LASID committees of the Latin American Society of Immunodeficiencies (LASID). She also serves in CIS and IUIS committees and is and associate editor for Journal of Clinical Immunology. Her clinical and research activities focus on patients with immunodeficiency and immune dysregulation with special focus on autoinflammaotory disorders.

Dear LASID members and friends,

I am writing this letter with great enthusiasm and determination to express my intention to be elected as the LASID Secretary. With my extensive background and experience in the field of immunology and rheumatology, I believe I can contribute significantly to the growth and development of LASID.

I am a pediatrician specialized in rheumatology and immunology, currently practicing in Chile. In 2018, I obtained my PhD in Immunology, which further solidified my commitment to enhancing research capacities within the LASID community. Since in returned to Chile in 2019, I have been dedicated to bridging the gap between research opportunities and our patients, ensuring that our work has a direct impact on improving their lives. As the LASID Secretary, I aim to amplify these efforts and truly make a difference for our community.

My journey with LASID began in 2009 when I was introduced to this remarkable society by Dr. Ricardo Sorensen, our founder. Since then, I have been deeply involved and passionate about the field of inborn errors of immunity. LASID has not only provided me with invaluable knowledge and resources, but it has also allowed me to forge lifelong friendships with colleagues who share the same goal of advancing the field of IEI in Latin America and have already done a fantastic job bringing LASID to the place it now stands.

I currently direct the Program of Immunogenetics and Translational Immunology, as well as the Diagnosis and Research Jeffrey Modell Center for primary immunodeficiencies at Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago.

In addition, I serve as an immunologist at Clínica Alemana and hold the position of Chief of Immunology at Hospital Roberto del Río. Through these roles, I have had the privilege of leading a talented group of clinicians dedicated to caring for patients with immunodeficiencies and rheumatologic diseases. Together, we have made significant strides in improving the quality of life for our patients.

If elected, I am fully committed to improving research funding for LASID, enabling us to undertake groundbreaking studies that will advance our understanding of IEI. Additionally, I will strive to enhance LASID’s involvement in the global IEI community, fostering collaborations and partnerships that will further our mission. Furthermore, I will establish task forces focused on education, diagnosis, and treatment, with the aim of continuously improving the standards of care for patients in Latin America.

In conclusion, I am honored to be considered for the role of LASID Secretary as this society is the closest to my heart and mission. I am confident that my dedication, expertise, and passion for the field of Immunology will enable me to serve LASID and its members effectively. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of our patients and continue to advance the field of IEI.

Thank you for your consideration.


Cecilia Poli

Leonardo Oliveira Mendonça

My name is Leonardo Oliveira Mendonça, currently Professor of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at the University of Santo Amaro (UNISA – SP – Brazil) and I am passionate about inflammation and all the dysregulation it can create in the immune system. I have been working to increase and improve the basic and the clinical aspects of autoinflammatory and immunedysregulatory diseases in Brazil and I would like to make it to LASID as well. Moreover my plan is to foster many other aspects of all IEI such as education, scientific epidemiologic and clinical studies and put together the young immunologist of each country of South America to work together for the IEI in children and in adults.

Dear members of the central directive of LASID,

As known, my name is Leonardo Oliveira Mendonça and I am an immunologist and allergist from Brazil. I have been dedicating my last 8 years to the development and expansion of the field of autoinflammatory and immunedysregulatory diseases in our speciality not just in Brazil but also in Latin America, as we recently demonstrated with a successful meeting on this topic under the LASID group. 

Moreover currently I am working in a private center for rare and immunological disease and in a translational program in clinical immunology specially focused in systemic inflammation at the university of São Paulo. I am also working as a professor of clinical immunology and allergy at the University of Santo Amaro (UNISA) what is giving me great experiences and insights to expand even more the concept of inborn errors of immunity. As you may know I am deeply involved in many other international collaborative projects not just to basic investigation but also to clinical trials and more recently to gene therapy for inborn errors of immunity, in a collaboration with the university of Stanford for the FOXP3 gene therapy. Finally I am coordinating a collaborative group of immunologists, rheumatologists, dermatologists and hematologists all over Brazil with the support of novartis, Abbvie and other pharma companies to unravel epidemiology, patients journey and access to diagnosis and treatment in many referral centers.

Said that, my proposal for my application is to bring all that previously said to the LASID level, specially involving the upcoming generations of immunologists and allergists. With all that, I would like to foment not just bringing more financial support to our society but also to foster numerous other possibilites that may come in the near future with the advances in the field of immunology, such as the genetic manipulation in the IEI, a project recently started in our department. Expansion of the knowledge is also necessary to both disease awareness and to keep the specialist alert to diagnostic and therapeutic innovations.

In conclusion, I think that my ideas can be a great achievement for LASID for the next years.

Respectfully Yours,

Leonardo Oliveira Mendonça

Leonardo Oliveira Mendonça

Nora Alarcón

Nora Alarcón

Immunologist, 34 years old, trained in Buenos Aires Argentina at the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital and the UCES University of that country. I have a master’s degree in Health Services Administration from the Business Sciences University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I work in my hometown of Portoviejo, in Ecuador, as a Medical Specialist at the IESS- Portoviejo General Hospital.
I focus on diagnosing and treating patients with suspected and confirmed primary immunodeficiencies, there being a large group of patients in the province where I am, close to registering.
I have participated as an assistant and guest professor in different training courses related to primary immunodeficiencies.
I am currently secretary of the Ecuadorian Society of Primary Immunodeficiencies.

I wish to participate in the next elections for the society’s secretary, to be able to contribute from my small, but diverse country, efforts that help meet the objectives of the society, in such a way that specialists who maintain their commitment to patients with primary immunodeficiencies.

Likewise, make known situations that occur from my place with this type of pathology, seeking help from other medical communities, managing to nurture knowledge and commitment.

Ensure that the society’s motto -LASID- is fulfilled and continue to strengthen ourselves as a medical group.


Dr. Nora Alarcón Cedeño

Clinical immunologist


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