In Loving Memory of Vicki Modell – A Tribute from LASID

Dear Members and Friends of the Latin American Society for Immunodeficiencies (LASID),

It is with profound sorrow and a heavy heart that we at LASID join the global immunodeficiency community in mourning the loss of a remarkable leader and a cherished friend, Vicki Modell, Co-Founder of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation.

Vicki’s unwavering commitment and passionate advocacy for the Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) community have left an indelible mark on countless lives. Her dedication was not just a mission; it was a heartfelt pledge to make a difference in the world of those battling immunodeficiencies. Her efforts transcended borders, and her impact was deeply felt in the Latin American community, where she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of patients and their families.

For over three decades, Vicki stood as a beacon of hope and a source of strength for many. Her vision of a world where every newborn is screened for SCID, a dream she tirelessly worked towards, has inspired many of us in the field. Her support for groundbreaking research and her commitment to fostering educational opportunities for healthcare professionals have been instrumental in advancing our understanding and management of immunodeficiencies.

Vicki’s presence at global workshops and meetings, her enthusiasm for collaboration, and her genuine care for the community made her not just a colleague but a beloved friend to many of us in LASID. Her legacy is not only in the monumental strides she made in the field of immunodeficiencies but also in the personal connections and friendships she nurtured along the way.

As we grieve this immense loss, we also celebrate Vicki’s extraordinary life and contributions. We pledge to honor her memory by continuing to advocate for and support the PI community, driven by the same compassion and determination that Vicki exemplified.

Our thoughts are with Fred, the Modell family, and the entire team at the Jeffrey Modell Foundation during this difficult time. We stand with you in commemorating Vicki’s remarkable life and in carrying forward the mission she so passionately pursued.

In due course, we look forward to paying our respects and celebrating Vicki’s life at the memorial service. Until then, we join you in committing to “Do Something” in her honor, to keep her spirit alive and her legacy thriving.

With heartfelt condolences and in solidarity,


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