LASID Secretary 2024 Cast your vote now meet the candidates

Vote Now: LASID Secretary Elections – Results on October 21st

Dear LASID Members,

We are excited to present the voting form for the position of LASID Secretary. This is a pivotal role within our organization, and your participation in this selection process is crucial to ensure that we have the right individual representing and serving our community.

Please note that only LASID members with current status are eligible to vote. Ensure your membership is up-to-date to participate in this important decision.

For a deeper understanding of each candidate, you can read their profiles and intention letters at the following link:

Please take a moment to review the candidates and cast your vote for the individual you believe is best suited for the role. Every vote counts, and your voice matters in shaping the future of LASID.

The election results will be disclosed on October 21st. We encourage all eligible members to participate and make an informed decision.

Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to LASID.

Warm regards,

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