Letter from Alberto Olaya Vargas Head of the HSCT Unit

Dear all,
Recently, as an initiative together with the Latin American Society of Primary Immunodeficiencies (LASID), we want to call all the units that carry out transplants in children with primary immunodeficiencies to work together in a collaborative project in several phases.
The first phase would be to make a diagnosis of the hematopoietic cell transplantation situation in children with immunodeficiencies in Latin America, and later, in conjunction with the Immunologists of the region and the transplant groups, to establish a joint strategy.
For this first step I am writing to you through your contacts and represented to invite the largest number of Latin American centers that transplant children to join this initiative.
I put you in contact with Dr. Nideshda Ramirez, pediatric immunologist, with training in bone marrow transplant, attached to the transplant program of the National Institute of Pediatrics and member of LASID and Dr. Francisco Espinosa Rosales, president of LASID, for the development of this important project.
I would greatly appreciate the support you can give us to achieve the approach between LASID and LABMT.
Best regards
Alberto Olaya Vargas
Head of the HSCT Unit
Instituto Nacional de Pediatria
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