Call for Committee Nominees for LASID 2024-2025

The Latin American Society for Immunodeficiencies (LASID) is seeking dedicated individuals to join our Board and various committees for the 2024-2025 term. This is a pivotal opportunity for leaders passionate about advancing immunodeficiency research, education, and care to contribute to the direction and success of our society.

Committees Seeking Nominees:

  • Membership Committee: Focuses on growing and maintaining a vibrant LASID community.
  • Social Media & Communications Committee: Drives our presence in digital landscapes and ensures effective communication strategies.
  • Juniors Committee: Supports the development and integration of young professionals into LASID.
  • Registry Committee: Oversees the patient registry, ensuring data quality and ethical standards.
  • Education Committee: Develops and implements educational programs and resources for LASID members.

Roles and Responsibilities: Board and committee members are expected to actively participate in regular meetings, contribute to strategic planning, uphold the society’s mission, and collaborate with peers to execute initiatives. Individual roles and detailed descriptions for each committee are available upon request.


  • Must be a LASID member in good standing.
  • Demonstrated expertise or interest in the committee’s area of focus.
  • Commitment to serve a full term (two years).
  • Active engagement in committee-specific activities, which may include events planning, content creation, or educational outreach.

Nomination Process: Peers may nominate candidates, or individuals may self-nominate. Please submit the following:

  • Complete the nomination form bellow
  • Include a professional biography and a statement of intent, detailing your vision and goals for your role within LASID (same field on the form).

Deadline: Please submit nominations by December 10th 2023.

Your leadership can make a significant impact on LASID’s journey. We encourage members with a desire to contribute to the progress of immunodeficiency care and research in Latin America to step forward. Together, we will continue to foster a community that supports innovation, education, and collaboration.

Thank you for your interest in serving LASID. We look forward to your nominations!

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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