Letter from the president

Dear friends of LASID,

LASID is a very young society, just 25 years old, but in this short period we have grown with a lot of energy and contributed to the divulgation of Primary Immunodeficiencies diseases and the continuous training of professionals in the region. As a result of our work we have achieved growth in the knowledge and registration of PIDs in this area in an exponential way.

The coordinated and democratic work of the 5 committees has allowed us: to improve the dissemination of these activities in our society and in some scientific publications on different themes of our region, to increase the number of partners, to interact with other scientific societies and to encourage our professionals in their active participation in different scientific events. We are committed to promote educational activities to train young immunologists. These activities are important objectives for our society. LASID has registered 7959 patients up to November, 2019. These numbers have revealed the exponential increase of new diagnoses in the region with a new platform. Today, 14 Latin American countries are actively involved in this registry. We have done a lot, but it is not enough. We must keep on registering. All these data can contribute to the creation of a regional map of PIDs, we will be able to make our realities and our needs visible. Our achievements have helped to improve life quality of our patients and their families.

In these years, each of the countries that integrate the region has seen different realities and governmental commitment towards our patients. The work is hard and we know that there is still a lot more to be done.

Carrying out this kind of policies over the whole region is a struggle which requires an enormous commitment and challenge.

We must work with governments so they can provide clear policies for PIDs diagnosis and treatment. Patients need our knowledge and we also need to know how to look after and accompany them on this long travel to achieve the best possible state of health. With the difficult economic realities in the region, our work is even more difficult.

We must keep on working together with our patients and their families, but also with IPOPI and with ALAS (Association of Latin American patients).

LASID members really appreciate the commitment of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, and its dear founders Fred, Vicky and Vanessa. They have collaborated with their continuous and loving support, cooperating with our work in Latin America, and we know that we will continue on this path to help all patients with PID, the legacy we have received in Jeffrey’s memory.

In these two years of management, I will not only focus on the success of our educational and scientific activities, but I will also intend to carry out an educational activity in the region and to support patients and their families.

It is a great honor for me to be the first woman president of our society and also a great challenge because we are living in a very complex Latin American and rest of the world moment. Women are beginning a new integration era and I feel very grateful to give the first steps in this long way, opening us a new path to contribute in the LASID growth.

I am sure that “Success does not come by chance”. It is conceived, prepared, exercised, and carried out. That is to say, success depends on action, preparation, organization and its members. It is our challenge, and my responsibility to continue the great job done by my previous colleges, and for the next two years we will continue doing more and more for the growth of LASID.

Dra. Liliana Bezrodnik


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