Our mission comprises the following: To increase awareness in Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDD) at all levels all over the continent, to develop diagnostic capabilities to reach as many as possible patients and to favour the development of centers providing appropriate treatments for PIDD patients.

Awareness of PIDD involves:

  • Public awareness campaigns and physician education.
  • Lobbying and advocating with policy makers.
  • Local and continental educational programs.
  • Developing an effective and productive patient registry.
  • Collaboration with partner societies.

The development of diagnostic capabilities includes:

  • Training qualified professionals within participating centers and abroad.
  • Increasing early diagnosis in the región. (NBS)
  • Collaborative efforts with partner societies, patient organizations and foundations.
  • Collaboration among active diagnostic centers in the region.

Promoting the development of treatment capabilities and facilities accessible to patients are also part of the LASID mission including:

  • Collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry to promote, advocate and deliver appropriate and affordable treatment continent wide.
  • Learning from already existing strategies in the continent and providing advice to those involved in patient care.
  • Lobbying and advocating with policy makers.
  • Development of guidelines and policies to improve clinical care of patients.

You are all invited to take part of this mission and goals. LASID offers a unique possibility to contribute to the improvement of the life of patients and families in a large part of the world. Join and share your enthusiasm for these noble causes with many other like-minded friends.

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