4th International Festival of Pediatric Patients’ Paintings (IFPPP)

4th International Festival of Pediatric Patients’ Paintings (IFPPP)

November 2018 (Reggio Calabria, ITALY)

Organized by Health and Art (HEART) Group

All children and adolescents with age of less than 18 years old, who were admitted in a hospital during their life, are cordially invited to this festival.



Instructions: Painting (Drawing) on an A4 page (297 mm × 210 mm)


Theme: Health


Required information: Name and Family name, Age (Date of Birth), City (Country), Tel (e-mail), Postal address, Disease name, Hospital name


Deadline for submission: June 20th, 2018

1- The original painting should be mailed to: Dr. Nima Rezaei, Children’s Medical Center Hospital, Gharib St, Keshavarz Blvd, Tehran 14194, IRAN

2- The scan copy of painting (with resolution of more than 300 dpi) should be e-mailed to: ifppp.heart@gmail.com


Two hundred selected paintings (drawings) will be printed in the booklet of the Festival.


The best 12 selected individuals will be our special guests in the Festival. Their awards will be formally presented at the Festival. At that time, they will be invited to come to the podium and be introduced to the audience.

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