The Latin American Society of Primary Immunodeficiency LASID is an association of professionals dedicated to develop and perfect education, scientific research and health care within the field of Inborn Errors of Immunity (IEI). In activity since 2009, LASID’s mission includes increase awareness of such a heterogeneous group of diseases at all levels in all over Latin America continent, develop diagnostic capabilities to reach as many as possible patients and favour the development and creation of new centers specialized in the management of these patients as well as in the development of research in this field.

Having this mission in mind, LASID proposes a new edition of the Scholarship Program Fellowship Award, which offers an award to an individual for training during two years in the field of primary immunodeficiency diseases.

The objective of the grant is to support the development of academic clinical immunology research careers of advanced fellows in training who have demonstrated commitment to the study of primary immunodeficiency as a career path in Latin America. Funding is to support the education and research endeavors of this individual.

This grant is generously provided by TAKEDA.



  • Award applications must be submitted only by e-mail to: education@lasid.org
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Deadline for applications is January 10th, 2020.
  • The online application will include:
  1. Applicant’s Personal Statement
  2. Career Development Plans
  • Current Training and Research Environment Description:
  1. An Outline of the Current Career Development Project
  2. Applicant Biographical Sketch
  3. Primary Mentor Biographical Sketch
  • Financial Conflict of Interest Statement(s)
  • 2 Letter(s) of Recommendation

Please download the application form in this link: LASID FELLOWSHIP AWARD Application



  • Applications will be reviewed by members of LASID Education
  • LASID Education Committee will score the applications (recusing themselves from any applications which would represent a conflict of interest). The scores will be counted and the applications discussed on a conference
  • Application review decisions are unappealable.



  • Scientific merit of training program and research
  • Commitment to the field of primary
  • Environment and
  • Career plan (potential impact on the care of patients with primary immunodeficiency).


  • Detailed activity budget:

The 2020 fellowship award will provide four individuals a two-year grant in the amount of $30,000 USD totaling $120,000 USD in grants.

Mexican Foundation for girls and boys with primary immunodeficiencies (FUMENI) will receive and administrate the funds on behalf of LASID, and will retain 10% of the total amount to compensate for administrative expenses. FUMENI will retain any applicable taxes or retentions in strict compliance with Mexican law.

From the net total amount that each awardee receives, 80% must be destined for salary support and 20% may be used for any combination of lab or scientific travel support (Attending  to the 2021 LASID meeting)

Awardees must present the results of their research in the LASID meeting in Santiago, Chile 2021.



  • The call for candidate applications will be made on the LASID website and LASID social media.
  • The candidates will have to send the following documents required for the application: application form (includes applicant’s organization certification and acceptance), applicant personal statement, career development plans, description of current training and research environment, outline for current career development project, applicant biographical sketch (NIH format), primary mentor biographical sketch (NIH format), financial conflict of interest statement(s) (applicant and mentor’s) and 2 letter(s) of recommendation.
  • Members of the LASID Education Committee will select the candidates according to criteria previously used in other editions of this activity (will have 30 days for this appreciation);
  • The result of the selection will be published on the LASID website and communicated by e-mail to the candidates.
  • The grant amount will be paid in 3 installments. Candidates are requested to submit 3 partial reports and a final report so that the value of the installments is deposited.
  • A final report and a comment from the educational committee will be sent to the sponsor at the end of the program.
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