Virtual Special Issues: Multiple Sclerosis

March 2013 is National MS Education and Awareness Month in the USA. To support the initiative, being led by the MS Foundation, you can access a selection of this year’s MS research papers for free until June 2013.

Read the latest research and raise awareness of MS.

Virtual Special Issue – Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The mechanism of action of glatiramer acetate in multiple sclerosis and beyond – Review Article
Autoimmunity Reviews, Volume 12, Issue 5, March 2013, Pages 543-553
Rina Aharoni

In vitro assessment of mesenchymal stem cells immunosuppressive potential in multiple sclerosis patients
Immunology Letters, Volume 149, Issues 1–2, January 2013, Pages 9-18
Marina M. Zafranskaya, Darya B. Nizheharodova, Mariya Yu. Yurkevich, Natallia V. Lamouskaya, Yana M. Motuzova, Svetlana S. Bagatka, Halina I. Ivanchik, Alexander S. Fedulov

Artificial reproductive techniques in multiple sclerosis – Review Article
Clinical Immunology, Available online 15 February 2013
Kerstin Hellwig, Jorge Correale

CD226 Gly307Ser association with multiple autoimmune diseases: A meta-analysis
Human Immunology, Volume 74, Issue 2, February 2013, Pages 249-255
Zhi-Xin Qiu, Kui Zhang, Xue-Song Qiu, Min Zhou, Wei-Min Li

Effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding on the multiple sclerosis disease course – Review Article
Clinical Immunology, Available online 26 January 2013
Annette Langer-Gould, Brandon E. Beaber

Therapeutic inhibition of the alternative complement pathway attenuates chronic EAE
Molecular Immunology, Volume 54, Issues 3–4, July 2013, Pages 302-308
Xianzhen Hu, V. Michael Holers, Joshua M. Thurman, Trent R. Schoeb, Theresa N. Ramos, Scott R. Barnum

Sex-specific environmental influences affecting MS development
Clinical Immunology, Available online 21 February 2013
Jorge Correale, María E. Balbuena Aguirre, Mauricio F. Farez

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