Elected Committee Members

Dear LASID members.

I'm proud and happy to finally announce the elected members for the LASID committees and New LASID Secretary for the following period.

We, as a society expect and will demand hard and coordinated work between the committees and directive in order to keep our society fully functioning and thriving. 





LASID President

Dr. Francisco Espinosa Rosales 

Elected Secretary 2018 - 2019
Gesmar R. Segundo (BRA)
Vicepresident 2020 -2021
President 2022 -2023
Membership Committee.

Head: Soledad Caldirola 
Leonardo Oliveira
Natasha Ferraroni 
Manuela Olaya
Education Committee.
Head: Ekaterini Goudouris 
Saul Lugo
Cecilia Poli
Andrés Arias Serra
Carmen Carolina Fernández 
Registry Committee.

Head: Gisela Seminario
Juan Carlos Bustamante
Lina Rocío Riaño
Juniors Commitee.
Head: Ileana Moreira
Nuria Zurro
Carlos Andrés Arango
Communications Commitee.

Head: Aristoteles Alvarez Cardona
Elie Mansour
Herberto Chong
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